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Care Guide


Recommended planting times in our area begin March thru June, as weather permits. Later in
the season if proper irrigation is available

Proper field preparation is essential to having a successful and productive crop.
Preparing your field properly prior to planting can prevent many problems in the future.
You should have land cut up and leveled as desired. The land should be uniformly
smooth to facilitate hay operations.

Soil tests should be taken and nitrogen, fertilizers, etc. added as recommended.
You should consider using a pre-emergent at planting time to prevent seeds in the soil
from germinating. Check with your extension agent or local chemical dealer for the recommended applications.

After planting, proper weed control and weather are the key factors to insure full
coverage. In order to obtain full potential, bermuda grass should be managed as with any
other crop. Weed control is vital to reduce competition for moisture, nutrients and
sunlight. Weeds can be controlled by mowing and the use of herbicides. Before seed
germination begins, check with your extension agent or local chemical dealer for the
recommended herbicide applications.

Once the grass begins to grow; the demand for nitrogen increases rapidly. I
strongly suggest that a second application of nitrogen be added at recommended rates.

If this management plan is followed and weather cooperates, it will greatly
increase your opportunity to have a full stand of grass.

For an individual recommendation, give me a call and we can discuss your needs.

Thank You,
Douglas Heath Grass Sprigging